Wuxi Municipal Administrative Service Center


  1. In charge of researching, drafting and organizing the implementation of the policies, institutions and scenarios concerning administrative approval system reforms of the city. Supervise the subordinate counties and districts in deepening their reforms in this respect, advancing the transformation of government functions, realizing law-based and regulated administration, improving developmental environment, and proceed orderly to establish an administrative approval supervision system in conformity with the socialist market economy.
  2. In charge of researching and drafting the mid& long term plans and annual implementation scheme of the administrative approval system reforms of the city. Participate in formulating special reform plans on administrative approval system for relevant municipal departments. Supervise their implementation.


Gong Pin, Party secretary, Standing deputy director, Secretary of party committee, Responsible for managing routine work of the Centre. And responsible for examining and approving of system reform, organizing personnel, financial work and party affairs. In charge of the comprehensive office.


Sun Wei, Party members, Deputy director, Responsible for the business management and coordination by every departments of administrative licensing service office, every branch and on-site service point. And responsible for coordinating the examination and approval of city major project. Responsible for the operation and management of public service hotline. In charge of coordination office and hotline management office.


Chen Lisha, Responsible for administrative service informatization construction, administrative power online open and transparent operation, construction of the organ style and performance, construction of civilized organ and ISO9001 quality management. In charge of inspection office and information technology office. (administrative power network operation management office).

   1. Executive office
  In charge of secretarial, confidential, personnel, financial, secrecy, reception and security affairs. Draft important files and comprehensive materials. Formulate working regulation, annual work plan and distribution of tasks. Censor the files before sending out.In charge of publicity and information collection.Edit internal briefings and bulletins. In charge of logistics, personnel, institutional regulation, salary, discipline inspection and unitedfrontwork.
  2. Coordination office
  In charge of the confirmation and adjustment of the projects for approval.Link up the upcoming projects, responsible windows and relevant departments. Facilitate and coordinate in the linked errands and linked approvals. Coordinate in program processing. Follow up with “Five-dragons” projects and limit-time projects assigned by municipal officials.In charge of conference organizations of cooperation meetings.In charge of taking notes of conferences related with project approval. Draft relevant files.